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23 Jun 2017

The Mobility, Functionality and Convenience of Foldable Solar Panels


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Posted By Michael B.

The green revolution is in full swing and foldable solar panels are one uniquely creative way of taking advantage of one of nature's most abundant renewable resources, the sun. Flexible and foldable solar panels have been used with great success in military applications for several years and the technology continues to advance, making them more mobile, smaller and even more powerful.

They are now available to the general public and are receiving rave reviews from those who have used them to:

*Charge and/or power all types of electronic devices such as MP3s, hand-held games, laptops, PDAs, cellular phones, satellite phones, cameras, etc

*Power up car, snowmobile, wheelchair and motorcycle battery chargers

*Provide emergency lighting

*Take camping, trekking, boating, mountain climbing

The fact is that foldable solar panels are an incredible convenience anywhere that electricity is not otherwise available. They are great for emergencies where the power is interrupted for extended periods of time; can be used to power up emergency communications equipment; even save someone from being stranded on the highway by functioning as car or motorcycle battery chargers.

These units are available in a wide variety of wattage ratings; from just a few watts to well over 100 watts. They generally weigh less than five pounds and, when folded, are only a few inches thick and no larger than a typical telephone book.

They are portable and can be easily packed in to a campsite to provide power for lighting, music, games and even laptop computer operation. They have been literally battlefield proven by the U.S. military and are both durable and rugged. They are also waterproof.

Solar technology is advancing rapidly as the government is pushing for renewable and environmentally-friendly energy alternatives. Private companies are stepping up to answer the call. Newer solar devices even work during periods of cloud cover, making them functional anytime during daylight hours.

Solar motorcycle battery chargers that deliver a trickle charge can be used during the months when the bike is sitting idle to ensure the battery doesn't go dead. Construction vehicles out in the field away from electrical connections can be ensured of having available battery power with the use of the same technology.

Foldable solar panels are also available configured into backup generators that deliver up to 1800 watts of power for myriad applications. These units store the power until you need it. They make no sound and produce no fumes during operation, unlike typical emergency generators.

Foldable solar panels have so many useful applications it's no wonder so many are discovering their utility. They are offered online through numerous outlets.


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